Create Private Label Hookah/Shisha Charcoal

Create Private Label Hookah/Shisha Charcoal

We import raw materials from Indonisa and use %100 coconut shell charcoal.

Product Specifications:

• Produced from coconut shells.
• Doesn’t cause headaches.
• It is 100% natural. Doesn’t contain any chemical products.
• Because it is a natural product it won’t change the aroma of the tobacco.
• No trees were cut down during the manufacture of this product.
• The burn duration is minimum 60 minutes.
• Easily flammable. Doesn’t smoke or smell.
• Very low ash content.
Usage instructions:
Burn until completley glowing without using any chemical flammable.

We design and manufacture charcoal for your company. The products are under the guarantee of our company.

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